Miranda Rudegeair

In 2015 I relocated to Hawaii from Melbourne, Australia, where I was teaching dance and personal training for  over a decade.

In 2012, I discovered Groove dance. Groove is different from any other style of dance I have done before because it simply requires me to find my own style, nurture it, make it feel good, and have a good time! I’ve never found anything like it before and I just love it! It reminds me that life isn’t that serious!

I studied with the creator Misty Tripoli and soon became the Australian (and now Hawaiian) Master Trainer and Groove Representative. I now teach facilitator courses and run classes all over the world.

I have taken what I have learnt from Groove and applied it to kidz hip hop. So now, instead of teaching the kids how to dance like someone else, I get to teach them how to dance like themselves, which I feel is way more fun for me and them!

Now dance for me, is basically a psychology lesson that teaches people young or old, that no one really cares what they look like. So if they hold back on how they really want to move their bodies, they are the only ones missing out.

I hope to see you on my dance floor soon so we can unite in a love for dance and enjoy a boogie together!


Hawaii Dance Bomb

1505A Ahuawa Loop

Honolulu, HI 96816

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