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Hawaii Dance Bomb - Dance Studo & Silent Disco hosts dance classes and silent disco events on Oahu with kids and adults that are focussed on creating connections, confidence building and authentic relating.
Oahu Hawaii Dance Classes
Oahu Hawaii Dance Classes

You are a great fit for our studio if you are looking for classes where you:

  • Laugh, sweat and sing.
  • Learn by playing.
  • Get to know other people, interact with them and know their names.
  • Be creative and share ideas.
  • Dance without pressure to look, move or dress a certain way.
  • Practice confidence.
  • Make only authentic face expressions.
  • Get in touch with your own style on the dance floor.
  • Learn all the things without even realizing you are learning all of the things!

You may not be a great fit for our studio if you are looking for classes where you:

  • Take exams.
  • Enter competitions.
  • Wear expensive costumes or uniforms.
  • Dress in tights or leotards.
  • Need special shoes.
  • Sew sequins.
  • Do large scale performances.
  • Travel.
  • Need specific hair styles and make up.


dance school focussed on nurturing kids experiences so they feel safe, playful, experimental and successful.  We don’t want to tell the kids what to wear, who to be or how to dance.  We do want to nurture their experience so they figure out their own style and personality.  We hope that they share with us and surprise us with who they are before they have learned who they are supposed to be.  We hope to surprise them by teaching them things that they didn’t even know they were learning because they were having so much fun!


that people need to move to feel good. We believe that when people have the opportunity to be their authentic selves, they feel even better.

Our Oahu Hawaii Dance Classes are taught by instructors who create the ideal environment for students to be their unique selves with confidence.


putting ridiculousness, authenticity and dance together.  The result is especially fun!


Who would you be if you had moRE OF THIS IN YOUR LIFE?

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