Hawaii’s Premium Silent Disco Service


What Is Silent Disco?

A Silent Disco is a dance party where everyone wears headphones.  The benefit of this compared to a loud speaker is that there is no noise pollution for the neighbors, and it is much easier to get lost in the experience of the music.  

The headphones all have 3 different channels on them – blue, red and green.  You can play 3 different types of music at one time which appeals to multiple audiences at once.  You can have the kids and Grandma entertained with music they love all at the same time.  The head set also have individual volume control.

People definitely feel more comfortable getting into a party mode with the head sets on because they are emcompassed in the music.  They dance bigger and sing louder than they usually would.  This creates a great show for the people not wearing headphones!


Also available for inter-island bookings!

To the outsider it appears as if people are dancing to silence. But then you hear some of the crowd start to hum and others start to sing. Before long everyone is dancing and having a blast. The crowd just love it and you’ll be jumping to join them.

What events work well for a Silent Disco?

Every type of event for kids and adults!

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