High Quality Wireless Stereo Headphones


RF600 UHF Wireless HIFI System

Everyone wants to know how they can get their hands on the Silent Disco Equipment System which we use to host fabulous silent disco parties. Here is where you find out what they are and how you can get the headphones and transmitters.

Instead of a traditional stereo system, the Silent Disco headphones allow you to transmit sound to three different channels.

  • This equipment system allows different people in the same room to experience different sounds. It can be useful for events, like a meeting, that require different languages.
  • The system allows each participant to adjust the volume according to their own specifications. This can be useful in movie theatres where the sound can be too loud or not loud enough.
  • Best of all, the silent disco equipment allows you to host a party without disturbing neighbors with your party music.

What events work well with Silent Disco Equipment?


Museum Tours
Walking Tours
Bus Tours

Private Parties

Birthday Parties
Bar Mitzvahs

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor Screenings

Intimate Sessions

Personal A/V experiences
Multilingual Seminars
Recording Sessions

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