Miranda Rudegeair

Miranda has been teaching dance since 2000.  After going to one too many ‘Grooving My Life’ retreats, Miranda knew that she wanted to be in Hawaii and she wanted to spend her time dancing with kids because it is what brings her the most joy in life!  So she moved from Melbourne, Australia to Honolulu in 2015 and founded ‘Hawaii Dance Bomb – an explosion of fun’, in the hopes of spreading joy through dance across the islands.
She taught in schools all over Oahu for 7 years and when things got back to normal after Covid, had such a demand for fun dance classes, that she gathered an amazing team of personable, super fun and amazing dancers to help her spread the love of dance.  She now runs her own studio as well as teaching after school and running special events, including Silent Discos as well.

Alexis Rollins

Alexis has been working with Hawaii Dance Bomb since 2016 teaching kids hip hop, silent discos and Birthday parties!  Miss Alexis is well known for her incredibly upbeat personality, knowledge on how to read a crowd, vast toolbox of activities and friendly nature.  Miss Alexis has a son of her own and is never short on energy and always brings the fun!

Steph Candelas

Steph started dancing when she was just 5 years old at a studio in Santa Clarita, CA, when she learned she loved dance more than gymnastics. After taking many hip hop classes growing up she was accepted in the Kalvin Latimer Dance Academy in Alta Loma, CA.  Steph became part of the Urban Force Hip Hop dance team with KLDA, trained in all genres including jazz, lyrical and ballet and competed with the team around the world.  Steph has been with Hawaii Dance Bomb since 2022 is very well loved!

Kaitlyn Hellyer

Kaitlyn has had immense training in tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, ballroom, lyrical, breakdancing, clogging, modern and contemporary.  Before graduating high school, Kaitlyn was awarded with both “Choreographer of the Year” and “Dancer of the Year” for two consecutive years.  Kaitlyn loves teaching dance and allowing students a safe place to express themselves. Kaitlyn is a proud mother of two beautiful little girls and is excited for their next big adventure!

Camryn Villano

Camryn fell in love with dance at the age of six. She was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA. She has gained a lot of experience over the years, dancing mostly with Studio Fusion. There she studied jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, and more.  Camryn was an OC Dancer of the Year nominee, showcasing her award-winning Choreography, performing in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.  Camryn loves teaching dance and it is her priority to create a happy, and healthy environment for her students to grow!

Gigi Lee

Gigi Lee started teaching KPOP with Hawaii Dance Bomb at the start of 2023 after many years of attending KPOP classes.  Her natural teaching ability and her attention to detail is what makes her stand out because it is such an important quality in KPOP.  Her style comes very naturally and her passion for KPOP and strong dedication to her activities have driven her to become a very capable and reliable KPOP instructor!

Josie Schoenstein

Josie has been training in ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, contemporary, jumps & turns, voice R.A.D. Syllabus since 2007.  Her technical ability helps her to capture KPOP choreography extremely well and her teaching experience has made her a strong confident leader.  She is also super fun to be around and is great with kids!

SaLydia Galang

SaLydia is a belly dancer originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Florida is where SaLydia started her dance career in 2013. Since then SaLydia has competed and won several competitions in both classical and fusion categories. She started teaching beginner/basics belly dance in San Antonio, Texas in 2018 at the YMCA and the San Antonio Ballet School.  Also in Texas is where SaLydia found her true love and place in fusion dance performing!

Violet Bliss

Violet who is studying to be a vet, is an avid KPOP fan and a member of many different dance groups on the island.  Violet has a knack for style and knows how to embody the KPOP style very naturally.  Her strength is teaching others how to do this too! The styling is one of the toughest parts of KPOP so we are honored to have someone as down to earth as Violet teach us these intricate and complicated movements!