Meet Miranda

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia.  I quit ballet when I was 5 because wearing my hair in a bun was too stressful and I wanted to watch cartoons.  I resumed dancing when I was 12 and discovered jazz, funk, contemporary, tap and ballroom.  I went on to study dance full time.  In 2012, I discovered Groove Dance by Misty Tripoli. I studied to become a Groove Master Trainer.  I now teach facilitators internationally and am the Groove ambassador for Hawaii and Australia.

Groove, and Misty, taught me how to incorporate the ‘Groove truths’ not only into my dance, but into my life.
They are: 
No one cares what you look like.
You should look different.
Your way is the right way.
You can’t get it wrong.

This is the complete opposite of what every other dance class had taught me.  Groove was the one dance form that allowed me to be myself, just as I am.  So now instead of teaching students to dance like me, I inspire them to dance like them!  I enjoy building their style and confidence.  These lessons are invaluable because the concepts carry over into real life and teach kids (and adults) the confidence to be who they are without worrying what anyone else is thinking about them.

Life is too serious already.  The dance floor is for fun and to let loose!  Hawaii Dance Bomb is ‘an explosion of fun’, in the form of dance parties everywhere!

I hope to see you on the dance floor soon. 

You can contact Hawaii Dance Bomb at (808) 382 7467 or via email at

Miranda Rudegeair
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